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About Alix

Alix generously volunteers her time at Laurel Hospice. Alix provides gentle support to patients and their families with an open heart, listening ear and a good laugh when the time is right. Alix values the moments of connection made during her time with people and feels fulfilled through this service. 

Q&A Interview:

Disclaimer: The views expressed are the opinions and thoughts of our interviewees, reflecting on their own experiences and views.

What inspired you to become a volunteer in palliative care?

My father in-law was an in-patient at Laurel Hospice in 2019. During my many visits I became aware of the valuable contribution that the volunteers made to his wellbeing and that of my family. I am passionate about the value of connection with others, particularly as they face difficult and confronting situations, and joining the team of volunteers in palliative care is a way of putting this into practice. 

What do you think will encourage others to begin volunteering in palliative care?

Ensure that the community is aware of what palliative care is about and that by volunteering in this service they can be a part of a mostly wonderful, positive and life affirming process. There are lots of opportunities for learning and connecting with people that I find fulfilling. 

How do volunteers in palliative care enhance the overall experience for families?

Being present so patients and families know that they are seen, valued and respected. Being a friendly face. Being an ear to listen to concerns, worries, or questions. Supporting with ward tasks e.g. food trays, linen cupboard. 

What support do you receive associated with your palliative care volunteering role?

The support of other volunteers, nursing staff, therapists and medical staff has been great in reassuring and affirming the value of my service. There is always someone happy to answer questions. Structured training has been provided which was interesting and informative. We also receive paid parking at Laurel Hospice, which is much appreciated. 

What would you like to see included into palliative care volunteering services?

My impression is that a wonderful, comprehensive service is already offered, though I would love to see therapy dogs back! 

What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a volunteer in palliative care?

I would say bring yourself to the role, your own unique personality. Tune into the patient and family needs and to gauge your level of involvement at any time and engage in all training opportunities.