Priorities for Palliative Care in SA

Recognising your rights.

The importance of palliative care

Palliative care is a recognised human right, which provides a holistic approach to improving the quality of life for terminally-ill people at all stages of life – from in utero to geriatric – that should be available from the day of diagnosis until death, as well as providing bereavement support for loved ones.

Though many South Australians receive timely and high-quality palliative care, this care is not available to all. At present, access to palliative care for South Australians is a lottery based on where they live, their age, their illness, their culture and even the way their local Health Services allocate their funding.

To address the critical shortages and gaps in palliative care for South Australians, Palliative Care South Australia, as the sector’s peak body, is proposing new investment to create a purpose-built palliative care system that provides timely and high-quality care when and where South Australians need it.

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Why Palliative Care is a Priority

  • Palliative care is a recognised human right
  • Palliative care is for all stages of life, from in-utero to geriatric
  • Palliative care should be available from diagnosis of a life-limiting condition through to bereavement care
  • Currently, access to palliative care in South Australia is a post code lottery