Palliative Caring

We need to look after our palliative carers too.

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Caring for someone at the end of their life is a very important role because it can greatly improve the quality of that person and their family’s life. They also help the community by reducing the pressure on our health care system.


CarerHelp is for carers who need information and resources to help them feel informed and prepared for caring for someone who is seriously ill. CarerHelp has information for all in the community, including carers who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, carers who speak other languages, and carers who are from LGBTIQ+ communities.

Many CarerHelp resources are also useful for health professionals and care workers who work with patients or families facing end-of-life situations.

What CarerHelp Offers

The website offers:

  • Access to high-quality information and resources that support them in the carer role
  • Knowledge of the services available to carers
  • An understanding of what to expect when someone is dying
  • A greater sense of control over their role
  • Better communication with the healthcare team, family and friends
  • Greater wellbeing

Carers Gateway

Carers Gateway is a Federal Government program which aims to connect your to carer supports and services. In South Australia this is operated by Carers SA.

This may include:

  • Help and advice
  • Taking a break (respite)
  • Real-life stores
  • Carer support
  • Financial help
  • Tips

Phone: 1800 422 737