Palliative care education for everyone.


About PalliLEARN

PalliLEARN aims to build community knowledge, death literacy, compassion literacy and community capacity in relation to serious illness, dying, death and grief by providing quality and easy to understand courses.

While the target audience is general community members, anyone can attend the courses.

All Courses include: knowledge sharing about the topic, relevant key research findings, practical ways to put these into action, tips for connecting with your local supports and ideas for how to continue your learning.

About Palliative Care

Palliative care is more than you think.

This 1 hour online or face-to-face education course explains what palliative care is, in simple community-friendly language. It will use 10 easy-to-remember aspects of palliative care, so you can describe palliative care to your friends, family, networks, colleagues, and community.

Roles for your compassionate community

Compassionate communities are networks of support around people experiencing serious illness, dying, death, and grief.

This 1 hour online or face-to-face education course is for community members, community groups, and community leaders to build their own skills and awareness around compassionate communities and provides information and ideas to nurture compassionate communities in your local area.

Nurturing compassion

Compassion is more than just a thought, and more than a feeling, compassion involves doing something to reduce suffering.

This 1 hour online or face-to-face education course provides an overview of what is compassion, how we recognise suffering, awareness of common humanity, and practical examples of compassion in action.

Dying and grief conversations

Conversations about dying and grief are important but can be challenging.

This 1 hour online or face-to-face education course provides practical tips on how to have caring and compassionate conversations with loved ones, colleagues, neighbours, or friends about an area of life we often avoid.

5 Step Palliative Caring Planning

Planning is an essential aspect of palliative caring.

This 1 hour online or face-to-face education course focuses on 5 simple steps to identify an individual’s circle of care and collaboratively work together to plan for that person’s care needs.

Discussions with children about dying

Children and teenagers experience grief too.

This 1 hour online or face-to-face education course highlights the importance of and provides tips on, having simple and honest conversations with children and teenagers about serious illness, dying, death, and grief.

Finding out what matters most to me

What are the things that make life joyful? What and who, do we value the most?

This 1 hour online or face-to-face education course focuses on discussion starters, advance care planning (ACP) an understanding what is important to someone at the end-of-life phase.

Caring for yourself

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for others.

This 1 hour online or face-to-face education course highlights the role of self-care and provides ideas and strategies to incorporate self-care in your life.

Book a PalliLEARN course for your community organisation, business or group

We can deliver PalliLEARN for your community group, business, or other groups. This can be delivered face-to-face or online. This can be done with a single course or multiple courses – we’re very flexible.

  • Cost & inclusions: vary based on delivery mode, location, and number of courses
  • We provide a co-branded flyer + social media tile for you to share, a booking system (Eventbrite, including monitoring and communications with participants), marketing on our website and social media, participant resource kit, bump in + training (x1 facilitators)+ bump out, training banners, training evaluation, and summary training report for you afterward.
  • You provide the venue (including AV), catering (including welcome tea/coffee + 30 mins break time catering), handouts to localise the participant resource kit and promotion of training through their networks,
  • Potential additional costs: If located more than 10km from CBD, travel costs from ADL CBD (including staff time + km reimbursement) and parking if required.
  • Participant numbers: Minimum participants 6 and max participant 18. Workshop style: ensuring venue can manage size with COVID-safe requirements.
  • Delivery method: Face-to-face or online

Become a Host or Facilitator

Learn more about becoming a PalliLEARN host in a jurisdiction outside of South Australia

Palliative Care South Australia (PCSA) is the international licence holder for PalliLEARN. Currently, PalliLEARN is being delivered in:

  • South Australia
  • Queensland
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Alberta, Canada

If you are interested in being a PalliLEARN Host, please contact us for more information.

Become a PalliLEARN Facilitator

Our PalliLEARN facilitators are experienced, palliative care professionals.

If you have worked in palliative care in South Australia and are interested to become a PalliLEARN facilitator (either volunteer or paid role) please contact us for more information.