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About Eve

Eve is one of a large team of volunteers covering shifts Monday to Saturday in the Modbury Hospital Palliative Care Hospice.  With service spanning 11 years, Eve feels privileged to share time with people during their journey through to end of life.

Q&A Interview:

Disclaimer: The views expressed are the opinions and thoughts of our interviewees, reflecting on their own experiences and views.

What inspired you to become a volunteer in palliative care?

My working career was always in medical roles, mostly in the hospital setting, so volunteering in a hospital environment felt a natural fit. I love the nurturing side of palliative care, so applied at Modbury.

What do you think will encourage others to begin volunteering in palliative care?

Knowing how rewarding and fulfilling volunteering in palliative care is. If you are considering it, talk to a Volunteer Manager. You can make a very special difference to those who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives, just by being there.

How do volunteers in palliative care enhance the overall experience for families?

The volunteers on the ward ensure patients and their families/guests feel nurtured and cared for during a very tough time.  Our highest priority is the time we give to those in need of a listening ear, comfort, and support.  It is an incredible privilege to share time with people and be trusted with their most personal thoughts and life stories.  Many relatives appreciate the chance of a chat and coffee too.  It is a pleasure to catch-up with them at the memorial services that are held twice a year.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a volunteer in palliative care?

Contact a Volunteer Manager or palliative care volunteer in service. Ask questions, learn about their personal experiences and challenges. You have unique skills and experiences and there is a place for you.