Palliative Care study tours

April 29th 2024

Medical & Professional Tours

Medical and professional study tours explore each destination through the prism of a particular occupation in the company of like-minded professionals. Meet with your local counterparts on professional visits ranging from prestigious institutions to NGOs to practitioners in rural communities, highlighting all aspects of your discipline in your chosen destination. This is balanced by a full cultural programme so that you come away with an excellent insight into the country you are visiting.

Palliative Care South Australia’s (PCSA) CEO Shyla Mills, is a volunteer host for the two following tours. There are discount tour rates available for PCSA members.

Chronic disease management and palliative care in the Northern Territory

A Study Tour 25 August – 1 September 2024

Explore the dramatically beautiful landscapes of the Northern Territory as you learn about the history and practice of chronic disease management and palliative care in the region. The itinerary looks at both traditional and contemporary approaches to palliative and end-of-life care in the company of Shyla Mills, CEO at Palliative Care South Australia. There is a wide range of enlightening, high calibre professional visits throughout the tour, organised with local health care professionals. They provide both an overview and an in-depth look covering cultural issues and remote care.

Palliative and end of life care in Nepal

24 March – 4 Apr 2025

Palliative care is still in its early stages in Nepal. This tour takes a deep dive into the development of palliative care in Nepal, alongside its traditional and spiritual support structures, with professional visits to organisations such as Hospice Nepal, who are key to filling the gap in palliative care, particularly in rural areas. Along the way, you will experience the rich culture, wonderful cuisine and spectacular mountain and jungle landscapes of Nepal. The tour is led by Shyla Mills, CEO at Palliative Care South Australia and Jason Mills associate professor at the Flinders University Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying.

For further information and details on booking the tours follow the links or contact us on 03 9343 6367 or email